7 features that make a CRM software impressive

Good customer relationships are the key to gaining a competitive advantage and growing in the competitive world of business. Needless to say, customer relationships have been the focal point of all business organizations right from the beginning of commerce. However, today things have changed as technological advancements have brought tremendous revolutions in different segments of business, and customer relationship management is no exception.

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CRM is a program that helps companies maintain cordial relationships with their customers and gain loyalty. With CRMs, employees don’t need to shoulder the responsibility of forming personal connections alone anymore because they now have technology on hand for the support!

CRM software solutions give businesses better access to customer data, allowing for more personalized service. This finding clearly states that CRM software is helpful for customer relationship management teams.

7 features of an astounding CRM software

7 Features of an Astounding CRM Software

CRM for Workflow automation

“The great thing about this level of automation is that it frees people up. They don’t have to focus on these manual labor tasks that a machine can do.” These words by Josh Steimle highlight the beauty of automation. Workflow automation can enhance the productivity of your workforce significantly by doing repetitive tasks for them. Then, your employees can devote the time freed to other important tasks that require their attention.

Hence, you should look for CRM software with workflow automation features. With custom rules, your CRM software can automatically perform some basic functions such as updating the senior management about the time spent by a sales representative on calls or the tasks accomplished from time to time. This ends the need for your sales team to maintain detailed records of their conversations with customers etc. Imagine, how much time would they save if just this simple thing gets automated. Then, think of how much more time your entire CRM team will save if multiple segments of the workflow get automated! 


Every individual is unique and so are businesses. Even two competitors do not resemble 100%. Why? Because the people running the businesses are different. Their policies are different and there are many other differences. In that case, don’t you think individual businesses should have their unique CRM Software? Obviously, they should.

That’s why customization is an important feature that you should look for in CRM software. You should be able to include the additional features that you need in your CRM software. Most CRM software providers keep room for customization. So, don’t forget to get your CRM software customized before you finally incorporate it into your organization.

Employee tracking

With CRM software, you can keep an eye on your employees’ performance. They will be able to update the number of hours they’ve spent working as well as how many tasks are left in their portfolio for completion within a given time frame–allowing management to know what’s going on!

This data will not only motivate your workers to stay on track but also help managers identify those who are performing exceptionally well and those who need to do better. With this awareness, they can take suitable steps and enhance the overall performance and productivity of your team.

CRM Analytics

CRM Analytics

By using customer relationship management software, you can maximize your profits by understanding the needs and preferences of customers. This will allow for better decision-making which leads to a competitive advantage in business today.

Given that, your CRM software should possess a CRM analytics feature. You should be able to analyze customer data, derive insights, and view the required charts. These things are precious as they can help you create your products and services in a way that captivates the hearts of your customers and ultimately progress towards becoming an enormously successful business through strategic planning.

Sales forecasting

Ultimately, your business’s profits come from the actual sales that you make. If you don’t know what sells better, you can’t obviously make the desired sales. Given that, your CRM software should possess a sales forecasting feature that can help you analyze which of your products are expected to sell better in the future.

For example, if you are a toy store owner your CRM software should be able to tell you what types of toys most of your customers will demand in the coming months. If a new cartoon movie gets released, children want to buy the same toys. That’s how it is.

If your CRM software predicts such things for you, you can stock those toys and sell them to your customers. Imagine the increase in profits you can get if your CRM software makes the right predictions and you bring the right goods to your store.



Although social media still dominates the marketing world, email is still quite a powerful tool for customer relationship management.

An office worker gets 121 emails each day on average. That’s a lot of emails. If your salespeople get this many emails every day, just imagine how long it will take them to respond to each one. This implies that the time your sales representatives spend answering your consumers’ messages may be too long, making them feel slighted.

Hence, you should try to purchase CRM software that offers email templates. Using these templates, your sales reps can reply to your customers fairly quickly without having to craft the templates on their own. With that, your customers will receive timely replies to their questions, and your sales team will be able to draft the replies calmly without engaging in haste. This will eventually improve your relationships with your customers. Don’t you think so too?

Role-based views

Businesses know that CRM software may provide a slew of benefits. CRM systems can help organizations boost sales and customer service, save time and money, and make better decisions by gathering and organizing consumer data. However, not all companies are prepared to share this information with everyone in their company.

Role-based views are an important feature for companies that need to keep sensitive data private. With this security mechanism, organizations may limit who has access to which pieces of information, assuring that critical data is only viewed by those who require it. Businesses may trust their CRM software is safe and secure with role-based views.

Final Thoughts

Customers are the lifeblood of every successful business, as any entrepreneur knows. Your company would cease to exist if it weren’t for your clients. As a consequence, you must build and maintain healthy and long-term connections with your customers. Businesses use CRM software to manage their interactions with customers. CRM software keeps track of your clients’ contact information, purchase history, and preferences so that you can engage them more effectively. With this data at your fingertips, you can provide more tailored and personalized service to each customer. Furthermore, this information may be utilized to establish targeted marketing campaigns that target your most relevant audience. As a result, CRM software is an essential tool for companies wanting to retain their clients happy and engaged.

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