Affiliate Registration

We welcome everyone to apply for an affiliate account. We would appreciate it if you were an active user of our plugin(s), but it is not required. If your account is approved, you will be given access to our Affiliate Area where you can create referral links to any page on our site. You can also check out the Affiliate Area to view statistics on visitors, payouts, and more.

Commissions and Payouts

For every customer you send us, you will earn a 25% commission on their first sale. That customer's future purchasing on our site will forever be tied to your account. This means that for any future purchases made by that customer (including upgrades and annual license renewals) you will earn a 10% commission.

For example, our Professional package cost is $249, which automatically renews annually. If you refer a customer who purchases this package, your earnings would be:

  • Year 1 commission: $62.25
  • Future commissions (until customer cancels their license): $24.90/year

Payouts are made in USD via PayPal during the first week of every month. We have a 30-day refund policy, so commissions are only paid out if they are older than 30 days at the time of the monthly payout. Commissions require a minimum payout balance of $20.

We do not allow referrals to be earned on your own purchases. Violators of this policy will have their unpaid affiliate earnings, and affiliate account revoked.

Commission and payout summary:

  • You will earn a 25% commission for every new customer sale you refer.
  • You will earn a 10% commission on every additional purchase customers you refer to us make.
  • Minimum payout balance is $20 (no maximum balance), paid by PayPal in USD.
  • Commissions older than 30 days will be paid during the first week of each month.
  • Referrals cannot be earned on your own purchases (including using a different email address).

Referral Cookies

In order to track clicks on your referral links, we store a cookie on the potential customer's browser. The cookie is stored on their browser for 30 days to give the customer some time to decide if they will make a purchase from WP-CRM System, get pre-sale questions answered, or try out our demo site.

Referrals will not be awarded if:

  • The customer uses a different browser than the one they clicked your referral link through. The referral cookie won't exist on that browser unless they click your referral link again.
  • The customer clears their browser's cookies after clicking your referral link, and before making a purchase.
  • The customer makes a purchase after 30 days, as the cookie will expire.

Direct Link Tracking

You can submit up to two (2) unique domains that you own in the Settings tab of your Affiliate Area. Your domain(s) will be reviewed before they are able to be used for referral linking, and we may require some verification that you actually own the domain. Typically, we will either need to see the domain in your account email address (, or see that your referral ID is already in use on the site. If we need additional verification we will reach out to you before your domain is approved.

When your domain is approved, you won't need to use a referral link when linking to from your site. Links in emails or social media sites will still require a referral link.

Refunded Purchases

We have a 30-day refund policy, so your affiliate commission earnings may be reduced during the 30 day period after a sale has been made if a refund is made.

We reserve the right to reject affiliate commissions for any reason, including refunds of the sale that the referral was based on, or other violations to our affiliate terms and conditions.


By becoming an affiliate, you agree to receive emails on a periodic basis from WP-CRM System. These emails are only for affiliates, and may include important information regarding changes to the affiliate program, or time sensitive materials like discount codes you can use to help promote WP-CRM System. We won't ever spam you!


We reserve the right to reject affiliate applications or revoke an affiliate's account for any reason. We do not need to provide a reason for rejecting an affiliate's application or revoking their account, however we will usually indicate the problem we had if there is an opportunity to correct or clarify the information. Rejected applicants are free to reapply at any time assuming they have corrected the issues we brought up when rejecting their initial application. Affiliate accounts that have been revoked may be reinstated if the issues we bring up are resolved.

Any websites that engage in business practices that are illegal, or that we otherwise find to be inconsistent with our brand values will be rejected or revoked. This is intentionally vague, as we can't possibly cover all possible unsavory business practices.

Program Policies/Promotional Methods

We only are successful if you are successful, so we try not to place too many restrictions on the promotional methods you may use. We want you to use promotional methods that add value to WP-CRM System, and bring us legitimate, loyal customers.

We do not want our brand to be cast in a bad light by the use of unsavory promotional methods. Here are a few methods that we strictly prohibit.

  • May not be promoted on coupon sites - sites dedicated to solely (or at least substantially) listing coupon codes. Those sites are usually visited by people who already decided on making a purchase, and adds no value to WP-CRM System.
    • This does not restrict the use of promotional coupon codes provided to the affiliate to use to promote our products on your website, legitimate email list, or social media account(s).
  • Spam is strictly prohibited. Email, comment spam, link spam, are all prohibited. This is not an all inclusive list of spam activities.
  • Illegal activity, or activities that are inconsistent with our brand values.
  • An affiliate agreement does not constitute an employment agreement. Do not pose as an employee, contractor, or otherwise professionally related to us.
  • Cloning/copying our site and trying to pass your site off as our site. This includes the use of iframes, and cloning services.
  • Any misleading or false statements regarding the product, or services the customer should be able to expect from us once they make a purchase.