Announcing New Pricing Packages

Today we’re rolling out our new pricing packages in a move away from our original à la carte pricing model. Why change pricing? Our original pricing required our users to purchase each extension individually. While this may seem like a good idea, we found that most of our customers were not just buying one extension.…

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WP-CRM System 2.0 Update

After listening to some feedback from our users, we realized that WP-CRM System was not originally created with developers in mind. We lacked the hooks and features that would enable a developer to modify and customize WP-CRM System to work the way you wanted it to. In WP-CRM System 2.0, we decided to change all…

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WP-CRM System Gravity Forms Connect 2.0

Many people have asked for an update to our popular Gravity Forms Connect extension, which would allow users to create more than just contacts in WP-CRM System. The original version of this extension was only designed to create new contacts, and only from one form. We knew that this was definitely a feature we needed to…

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Invoicing Extension Update 1.1

WP-CRM System Invoicing

After the release of WP-CRM System 1.2, we added some new features to our Invoicing extension. If you don’t already use the Invoicing extension, it’s a great way to send invoices to your contacts and accept credit card payments online through Stripe. The whole idea behind the recent update to the core plugin was to…

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WP-CRM System 1.2 Release

WP-CRM System Version 1.2

Nearly three months in the making, version 1.2 of WP-CRM System is finally ready to be released. This version offers significant improvements to the overall usability of WP-CRM System, which we’ll outline below. New Dashboard We removed the old dashboard widget that was introduced back in version 1.0.1. That widget didn’t show a really clear…

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