Generate Stripe API Keys

With the client area extension, you are able to accept credit card payments through Stripe from your customers directly from their account. This is great for monthly maintenance services or other payments that don’t require an invoice.

In order to accept payments, you will need a Stripe account and API keys.

Generating your Secret and Publishable Keys in Stripe #

  • Log in to your Stripe dashboard.
  • Click your account name in the top left.
  • Click API in the left menu.
  • Your secret and publishable keys should be on this page.
    • Note: You may be prompted to enter your password to receive the secret key

Your account will have two sets of API keys – Live and Test. In order to get access to both of them, you will need to use the toggle switch in the left menu that says “View test data”. Clicking that switch will toggle between the live and test keys.

You can tell the difference between the two types of keys by looking at the first part of the keys.

Live keys will start with pk_ and sk_. The pk_ keys are the publishable keys. The sk_keys are the secret keys.>

Test keys will start with pk_test_ and sk_test_.

The pk_ keys are the publishable keys. The sk_keys are the secret keys.>

Insert API Keys in the plugin #

Once you have found your API keys you will need to add them to the plugin.

To do this, visit WP-CRM System > Dashboard > Client Area tab.> Click on the Stripe link at the top.

Copy and paste the keys in the appropriate boxes.

Test Mode #

If you want to use the plugin in test mode, you can click the box at the top of the settings page that enables the test mode. This requires that you have the test secret and test publishable keys saved in the settings.

You can get a list of test credit card numbers that Stripe will accept while using the plugin in test mode on this support page.