WP-CRM System is a fully featured contact and project management solution that runs on self hosted WordPress sites. It is designed to help business owners and freelancers keep tabs on their customers, the projects they are working on, and the opportunities that they could potentially win.

Other CRM options on the market carry either a hefty price tag, or have unreasonable restrictions on the number of users or records you could use. The goal of WP-CRM System is to give everyone the tools they need to keep track of the important aspects of their business without breaking the bank.

This free download will give you a lot to get started. Keep track of all of your contacts, projects, marketing campaigns, and more all from your WordPress dashboard.

If you're looking for even more features, we have a number of inexpensive add-on extensions that integrate nicely with third party services and other plugins. Our extensions aim to automate processes so you can spend more time running your business, not scrambling for leads.

Contact Forms

Many of the CRM options on the market today lack integrations, such as allowing contact form entries to get captured in the CRM. Our Gravity Forms and Ninja Forms integrations will put your contact forms to work for you!

Third Party Apps

If your team communicates on Slack, WP-CRM System can keep individuals up-to-date with any additions or changes to records that might affect them with our Slack extension. Need to change a due date? No problem, your team will get a note in Slack letting them know about the update.

Do you handle customer service requests through Zendesk? Our Zendesk extension will grab your customer's ticket history and place it in their WP-CRM System record for you. Quickly see the status of their tickets, and click through directly to the ticket in Zendesk to respond.

Does your team need access to documents or files relating to a project? Our Dropbox extension will let you link individual files to any of your WP-CRM System records.

Are your contacts getting your company's newsletter? With our Mailchimp extension, you can make sure your contacts are added to your mailing list.