Scott first released WP-CRM System in December of 2015. He built it to serve his own needs as a freelance website designer. The CRMs on the market at the time were too expensive, not easy enough to use, and didn’t do exactly what he needed them to do (he’s so picky).

Scott initially set out to build a CRM just for him (he’s self centered like that). He quickly realized that other digital marketing professionals could use a CRM like the one he built. It wasn’t long before Scott started building add-ons to the base CRM to connect other WordPress plugins and 3rd party apps.

When he’s not working to build or refine his WordPress plugins, Scott can be found outside in sunny Arizona where he and his family call home. Scott, his wife Vicki, and their three children all love being outside enjoying the sunshine.

Scott has been developing for WP-CRM System since the early days. He loves how developer friendly it is with all of the hooks and filters it has (whatever that means).

He began building websites in the early 2000’s on Microsoft FrontPage, and taught himself PHP and WordPress development over the years. Scott has been developing with PHP from the moment he realized that he didn’t have to hand-code everything on every page on his blog that he ran while in college.

Scott is originally from Connecticut, but now lives in Arizona with his family. When he’s not slinging code, you may find him enjoying a beer from a local brewery.

Scott is probably the most level headed person on our team (he’ll answer support tickets with Lego stacked on his head – true story). He has to be, because he’s also our main customer service representative.

Any time a customer has a problem, it’s Scott who swoops in and saves the day (we’re really trying to get him to stop wearing the Superman costume around the office – it’s not the cape so much as the underwear on the outside).

Scott prides himself on helping customers and other WordPress users “learn the ropes”, as he remembers the days of being a “newbie”. You can find Scott at WordCamps, WordPress meetups, and other WordPress related conferences absorbing all he can, and helping others as much as possible.

With a background as an Army Infantryman, Scott is big on security. He hasn’t met a password that was too long, or changed too frequently (unlike his socks some days). Scott is responsible for the physical security around the office, as well as digital security.

He makes sure all passwords are updated, and keeps up with trends in the industry to ensure our plugins keep our user’s data as secure as possible.

When Scott isn’t enabling Two Factor Authentication, he might be found doing pushups or running around his neighborhood (like the muscle head that he is).

While we don’t have any interns yet, Scott has been grooming the next generation of WordPress developers.

His kids are really great with computers and have recently taken an interest in coding.

Scott encourages his kids and other children to learn coding at an early age (despite child labor laws – he’s patient).

Scott is our head of marketing and sales. He frequently takes to the road to help drum up new business, and build brand awareness. He’s also in charge of all of our advertisements. So, if you happen to see one of our ads on social media following you around, you can totally blame him. Really, we don’t mind, because we don’t like Scott. He gets to go to all the fancy conferences, gets free meals, and all the cool swag (he’s sort of a jerk about it too).

When Scott isn’t traveling (on the company’s dime) to conferences, he’s coming up with new and innovative ways to promote our plugins.

Scott is in charge of all of our social media accounts. He continuously reaches out to our social following to share the latest industry trends, helpful tips, and updates on our product offerings. To be honest, the social bit of Scott’s job is a bit of a stretch for such an introvert.

When Scott isn’t tweeting he works on his “impressionist art” (we don’t want to break the news to him that it doesn’t mean “doing your best impression of art” so just go along with it OK?).

Scott is our human resources and administration director. He brings all the new hires up to speed on the technologies we use, and handles all the paperwork that no one else wants to do (most days we find him napping though).

When Scott is in the office he’s also keeping up with the changing legal environment, and is the reason why we even have a Privacy Policy.

Outside the office, he enjoys traveling with his family to exotic destinations (he never says where he’s been, but insists none of us can pronounce them anyway).

The first obvious difference between Roxy and the rest of the staff is that she’s a dog. The next is that she’s female.

Outside of those, there are no obvious differences between her and the rest of the team (to the untrained eye). She can usually be found snoring somewhere in the office (like the HR guy), or begging for belly rubs. It’s fine though, because honestly she has no interest in learning how to use a computer, and thinks this whole internet thing is just a fad.

Roxy was originally part of the security team, but we had to demote her when she was bribed with bacon.