Premium WP Support Ltd. Acquires WP-CRM System

We are pleased to announce that Premium WP Support Ltd. is the new owner of WP-CRM System Plugin. The acquisition took place in July and the business was officially transferred as of 21st July 2020. 

Acquiring WP-CRM Systems is part of growing our business to create and upgrade outstanding WordPress-based products. We believe that our team of experienced WordPress professionals will add value to the plugin. We commit to continue upgrading and improving the WP-CRM plugin and help you scale your business with it.

About Premium WP Support Ltd.

Our company Premium WP Support Ltd is a European-based WordPress development agency, established as a startup first in 2014. We are committed to offering you the most comprehensive support and consultation for all your WordPress projects.

Our focus is small and medium enterprises and our services include:

WordPress Website Development

WordPress is the number one CMS globally and there are thousands of building blocks available to webmasters. That is why it may be challenging to design a top-performing website all by yourself. Choose our WP development services are for your next project.

WordPress Custom Development

Custom development upon WordPress is the way to have a unique website, tailored to your business needs. Start a new project or get your website ultimate makeover – we’ll write the code for all your custom requirements.

WordPress Consulting Services

It is easy to get overwhelmed by all design and business opportunities WordPress offers. So consultancy is the first step on the way to your project’s success. Hire PWPS to make a plan on how to build, redesign, and/or scale your website.

WordPress Plugin Development

Plugin development is at the core of making WordPress rich in functionalities to suit any business. But it is also a very demanding and competitive field. PWPS has years of experience in plugin development and our portfolio grows bigger every month.

WordPress Theme Customization

You probably know that any WordPress theme you choose can be customized the way you need it to suit the purpose of our website. Creating and customizing WP themes is another specialty for us.

WordPress Maintenance Services

Premium WordPress Support takes care of the performance of websites big and small – blogs, portfolio pages, eCommerce sites, online media. We take care of all tech issues – from backups to security.

Information and FAQ for Current WP-CRM Users 

We are grateful to you, all current WP-CRM customers, for your loyalty and for giving Premium WP Support the opportunity to provide you with premium services. We look forward to serving you with even better product features.

Yes, there will be a couple of changes that concern current customers. But before going into them, we’d like to confirm that:

Will there be any change in the service?

No. The services provided to you in the past will continue to be offered by PWPS. We shall continue supporting existing customers while they hold a license to use the product. 

Where can I access my account? 

No changes here. If you are a customer, access has not changed for you. You may access your account at as you always have been able to. Your username and password are also the same.

Does my license key work now?

Yes. Your license key will work as it always has, up until it expires. Any ongoing updates will come through to your site as usual.

Do I have to pay anything extra?

No. Current users will keep their license keys until they expire without any additional charge. Also, we keep the price plans unchanged.

How do I contact support? 

No changes here. The support links on the WP-CRM System website will continue to work. They will direct you to us, Premium WP Support team.

Action Required 

However, there are two major changes you need to consider and take actions upon:

Update your payment options from PayPal to Stripe

Since PayPal does not allow subscriptions to transfer from one company to another, existing PayPal subscriptions were canceled. We have provided Stripe payments as an alternative. If you previously purchased with PayPal, you should log in to your WP-CRM System account and update your payment method. 

Check your VAT charges with EU-issued Invoices

Premium WP Support Ltd is an EU-based company rather than a US-based company like the previous owner. All upcoming invoices will be issued by this EU-based company, That means the VAT charges may be subject to change based on the location provided in your billing information. Make sure you check how an invoice issued in the EU will be different based on your location.

If you have any further questions about this exciting news and what it will mean for you as a customer, please contact us here.

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