Update to Gravity Forms Connect Extension 3.2

Landing pages aren’t complete without the ability to send information to your CRM. That’s why we made our Gravity Forms Connect extension powerful enough to create any type of WP-CRM System record, including contacts, on the fly. An even more powerful feature is the ability to tag your new contacts based on their interests. This is what we’ve added to the latest iteration of Gravity Forms Connect.

What’s New?

The Gravity Forms Connect extension now has the ability for you to categorize your contacts based on the response to a form field.

Now, wait. I know what you’re thinking. “I don’t want anyone to have to fill out extra fields. That will hurt conversions.”

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

By using Gravity Forms hidden fields, you can categorize your contacts based on the form that they are filling out.

Hidden Fields

Let’s say that you have a landing page promoting dog walking services in Chicago. It might be useful for you to tag any leads as being interested in the Chicago Dog Walking category.

Maybe you also have another landing page promoting pet sitting services in Chicago. You’d want to tag those contacts differently because those are two totally different conversations you’ll have with the potential customers. Having the ability to categorize these contacts will make your job easier when following up.

If you set up the first form with a hidden field that is set to categorize contacts in the Chicago Dog Walking category, all of this will be done for you. Similarly, the second form can have a hidden field that categorizes contacts in the Chicago Pet Sitting category.

Visitor’s Choice

If you have a more generic form, you may ask your visitors what services they are interested in. You can do this with a drop down menu, radio buttons, or even check boxes. Each option provided can correspond to a category in your CRM.

You’d create an additional field to collect the visitor’s response to what they are interested in. This field would then be able to tag the contact’s record in the appropriate category.


Let’s say you had someone come and fill out your dog walking lead generation form. As expected, they would get a record in WP-CRM System categorizing them in the dog walking category. But what if they came back a few weeks later and filled out the pet sitting form? In this case, they would also get categorized in the pet sitting category. It’s possible that the customer could be interested in both services, so we shouldn’t remove them from the first category just because they were interested in something new.

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If you want to supercharge your lead generation forms, check out the new Gravity Forms Connect extension from WP-CRM System.


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