Version 2.1

We’re excited to announce the release of WP-CRM System version 2.1.

Oh, did you notice our new logo?

Here’s what you can expect from the latest update:

New Calendar

One of the features we were seriously lacking on was a calendar to show an overview of upcoming “to-do’s”. Now everyone’s dashboard page will feature a calendar that shows any projects, tasks, opportunities, or campaigns with upcoming key dates.

Redesigned Dashboard

We made some updates to the dashboard to improve your workflow. Based on feedback from our users, we realized that much of the information on the old dashboard was either unnecessary or took up too much room.

To address this, we removed the Add New box and replaced it with a simple drop-down menu that will direct you to the appropriate add new page. We removed the Category box and the redundant Category tab, and replaced it with another simple drop-down menu that will direct you to the appropriate category page. These two improvements alone saved about 1/3 of the space on the dashboard.

We added an Address Book on the dashboard so you can quickly search for and find contact information for your contacts.

We modified the ProjectsTasks, and Opportunities boxes on the dashboard as well. Previously they would only show upcoming events that were assigned to your account. Now there is a searchable drop-down menu that lets you look up all projects, tasks, or opportunities.

Developers: You can still add or remove content on the dashboard with the wpcrm_system_custom_dashboard_boxes hook.

Searchable Dropdowns For Everyone!

In the past, we made it optional to “turn on” searchable drop-down menus. This was because the searchable dropdown menu we used wasn’t the greatest, but for organizations with a large number of records, it was necessary to find the information they were looking for quickly.

We have drastically improved the searchable drop-down menus, and decided to remove the option to use it and make it available for everyone.

Searchable drop-down menus can be found on the dashboard’s Address Book, Projects, Tasks, and Opportunities sections, as well as any organization, contact, project, campaign, or user drop-down menus.

System Info

We included a system info report that can be used to help diagnose issues you may be experiencing when you reach out to customer support. Our contact form now includes a section exclusively for your system info.


We consolidated a few sections into one Settings tab.

Currently, all of the CRM settings, paid plugin license keys, and system info can be found under the Settings tab on the dashboard.

Other Improvements

Developers: A new hook wpcrmsystem_name_prefix has been added to allow custom name prefixes to be included.

We added a list of contacts that belong to an organization to the main organization listing page. Some users liked the idea of being able to view all of the contacts that are attached to a particular organization from this page. We realize that some users will have an extraordinary amount of contacts assigned to their organizations, and it may make the main organization page awkward to use. If that’s the case for you, this can be turned off on the Screen Options tab. Simply uncheck Contacts under the Columns section.

We improved the styling of the help tips that pop up and fixed a bug that caused the help tips to pop up when you hovered over any link.

We set the admin capability for managing settings to manage_options. The previous capability activate_plugins caused multisite admins (not super admins) to not be able to update settings.

Tell us what you think!

We’d love to hear what you think of these changes. Let us know in the comments below, or send us a Tweet.

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