WP-CRM System Version 3.2.3 Release

Our team is excited to announce that we’ve just released WP-CRM System Version 3.2.3. We are continuously working to make the CRM system as user-friendly as possible. In this new and improved version, we have implemented several adjustments that our users will deem useful. See the summary of everything we have recently worked on below.

Bug Patches for a Smoother Experience

Prior to Version 3.2.3, saving recurring entries on the WP-CRM system -> Dashboard -> Recurring will redirect users to an empty page. We have found a solution to this, and the new version will redirect users back to the recurring lists instead of an empty page.

With this update, adding duplicate entries will be validated on the back-end side of the WP-CRM system software to ensure that we will be able to filter suspicious data. This will help avoid possible SQL injections.

Enhancements Regarding the Contacts List

In WP-CRM System Version 3.2.3, our team has improved the importing feature of the Contacts List based on our customers’ feedback. To ensure that the contacts will have no duplicates, the new version will use email addresses as a unique identifier. We found this technique to be more cohesive compared to using a combination of first and last names when importing from an external list.

WP-CRM Version 3.2.3 Contact form

However, if the entry has the same email address existing on the Contacts List, then it will be skipped. This solution will make sure that the contacts will not have any duplicate data.

Another development that we have included in the latest release is the introduction of data validation on all WP-CRM System’s related post types. Now, when you add a new entry, the plugin will check if you have entered all required fields before saving it.

The system will also validate provided by the user data type such as email and date format. If the customer has provided an invalid structure, the plugin will display an error notice.

WP-CRM Version 3.2.3 New Project

Moving Forward

We are always on the lookout for enhancements that will make your user experience more pleasant and productive. We listen to what you have to say, and we do our best to make the experience as smooth as can be.

Stay tuned for more and get Version 3.2.3 through your dashboard or download it straight from our website.

Feel free to share your comments on the latest version and suggest future improvements, we would love to hear from you!

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