WP-CRM System version 3.2 Release

We are happy to announce the release of WP-CRM System Version 3.2.

Being truly dedicated to the continuous improvement of our product, we are releasing several improvements of design and features to ensure a better and optimized user experience. Here is what we’ve done:

Enhanced Filtering Functionalities

With the previous version of WP-CRM, some users have been experiencing difficulties with filtering the table list data for project status and progress. To better optimize the way you use the filtering functionalities, the new version 3.2 adds these two new columns for Progress and Status, along with a new filter for the same columns.

Now it’s more than easy to check Progress and Status without going through each project.

Enhanced filtering functionalities
Enhanced filtering functionalities

Improved Task Table

Similar to the Project table update, we’ve added a new column on Tasks which enables you to easily monitor progress. Have you wondered how to minimize the manual work with your tasks? Aside from making the sorting easier, the new WP-CRM System version 3.2 also allows you to update the status at any time and for several tasks simultaneously.

Improved task table
Improved task table

Features Enhancements

To prevent any potential PHP warnings and notices, WP-CRM v3.2 enhances the entire workflow, including inconsistent variable assignment, security improvements and better data sanitisation.

Visual Improvements

The new plugin version also provides an optimized look and feel of the product for better user experience. We’ve improved the position of admin notices, enhanced the slight misalignment on settings fields, as well as added font usage consistency. 

We look forward to meeting you on the new platform! You can get the new version directly from your Dashboard or download it from here. If you have suggestions or feedback, don’t forget to send us a message. It will be highly appreciated!

Marketing Team