Do More With Zapier Connect and WP-CRM System

Over the last few months we’ve started receiving requests from customers to include WP-CRM System integrations with several other third party apps. We were excited about the opportunities that existed with these apps, but also were overwhelmed by the challenge we’d face of building and maintaining all of these new integrations.

We decided to introduce a Zapier integration instead. This integration will provide a link between your WP-CRM System powered site and over 750 different web apps, including all of the apps our customers have requested integrations for.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a powerful tool that connects over 750 web apps together. Zapier creates workflows that connect various apps so that they can work together. Automation is the key benefit of using a service like Zapier so that repetitive tasks are handled for you in the background so you can focus on what’s important to you and your business.

Now, your WP-CRM System website can connect to this powerful network with our new Zapier Connect extension.

When you connect your WP-CRM System site to Zapier, you will quickly be able to do more with your data.

Sending data to other apps

  • Notifications: Keep your team in the loop anytime a record is updated. Connect to Pushover, Twilio, Slack, Hipchat or Gmail and you can instantly be notified whenever there is an update.
  • Calendars: Your team might already use a centralized Google Calendar, so why not add an entry any time a Project or Task gets updated?
  • Accounting: No one enjoys bookkeeping (unless that’s what you do, and in that case, go you!), so why not automate some of the tedious tasks and quickly add new contacts to QuickBooks, Xero, FreshBooks, or over 20 other accounting apps.
  • Mailing Lists: Your email list is only as effective as the members you have added to the list, and the segmentation you have set up. Make your job easy by automating how contacts get added to your MailChimp, AWeber, Constant Contact, and other mailing lists.
  • Drip Emails: Create a drip email campaign in ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, Drip, and others to keep your contacts engaged.
  • Project Management: Add projects and tasks to your team’s Trello board to keep all of your activities in sync.
  • Help Desk: Open a new ticket in your Zendesk,, or Help Scout help desk whenever a new customer project is created.

Receiving data from Zapier

There are a few different ways you can get data from Zapier into WP-CRM System.

  • Create records – if a record doesn’t exist in WP-CRM System, it can be automatically created for you.
  • Update records – if a record does exist in WP-CRM System, it can be updated with the data received from Zapier.

Creating records can be extremely useful if your first interaction with a contact is through some other web app. For example, if your accounting team enters the contact’s data into Quickbooks, it can automatically sync over to WP-CRM System.

Updating records can also be a big time saver. Maybe your project uses a Trello board that keeps things organized. You can update the project’s details in real time whenever the Trello board is updated.

Endless Possibilities

There are over 1,000 apps that Zapier connects with today, and more are added all the time. If you are serious about automating the tasks you do every day, check out our new Zapier Connect extension today!

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