WP-CRM System Version 3.0 And New Pricing

Yesterday we released version 3.0 of WP-CRM System. This version is a fairly significant upgrade. It incorporates a few new features that were previously only available as paid add-ons.

We included a few of these previously premium features since they were mostly essential features to ease using WP-CRM System. This is especially true if you are coming from another CRM and have existing data to bring over.

WP-CRM System Version 3.0 New Features

Here are a few of the previously premium features that you can now use in WP-CRM System for free:

Import And Export

When we first created WP-CRM System, importing records into the CRM was unfortunately an afterthought. It wasn’t until customers started asking for it that we decided to create a way for them to import their records into WP-CRM System. The problem was that we decided to create six separate plugins (one for each contact, organization, project, task, campaign, and opportunity record type) and charge customers for access to it.

This was a mistake on our part. You shouldn’t have to install and activate six separate plugins in order to import records into your CRM. More importantly, you shouldn’t have to pay to access this feature. It should be relatively simple to import new records from another CRM, a spreadsheet, or someplace else into WP-CRM System.

Email Notifications

If you have a team of people who work with WP-CRM System, it is likely that a Project that someone else is working on gets updated. Unless that person also goes out of their way to let the other person know about the change they may never know about it. This could include something as important as a revised due date.

Email Notifications was previously a paid add-on to WP-CRM System. It sent an email to the user responsible for a Project, Task, or Opportunity whenever they are added to a new record, or it gets updated.

Of course, this is optional and is off by default. If you don’t want to flood your users’ inbox, you can keep it turned off. There are also developer filters that let you control who gets sent a message and how frequently they get it.

Create Contacts From WordPress Users

This feature is simple, but can save a bunch of time.

WP-CRM System stores contacts separately from users on your site. If you already have users on your site that should be contacts in WP-CRM System it is now pretty easy to copy them over. Now, you can simply visit the Users page in WordPress, and with one click create a contact in WP-CRM System.

The new contact will be created with the information available from their user account such as name and email address.

Prior Customers

Previously, the plugins that were merged into the core WP-CRM System plugin were available as part of a bundle plan. If you originally purchased one of these bundles in the last 90 days, and have not used any other plugins in the bundle that you purchased, we will refund your purchase. Reach out to us through our support form and we will process your refund right away.

If you previously installed any of the add-ons mentioned above, they will automatically be deactivated in WP-CRM System version 3.0. You can safely delete those plugins from your site since all of the functionality now exists in the core plugin.

Other Improvements In Version 3.0

Back in version 2.5, we added a frequently requested feature, Recurring Projects and Tasks. Recurring Projects and Tasks allowed you to create recurring projects or tasks without manually creating each one. Instead, the Recurring feature allows you to create one to serve as a “template” for future recurring projects or tasks. WP-CRM System will create a new project or task automatically by copying the existing information from your “template”.

The problem we faced was that people still were requesting it even after we added it. This is because we placed it in a not-so intuitive location.

To improve this, there is a new Recurring tab on the WP-CRM System > Dashboard page. Additionally, there is a link at the top of both the Project and Task list tables. That link will let you quickly jump over to the Recurring tab.

There were a number of other improvements to the WP-CRM System code base that developers might be interested in. If that is you, checkout the WP-CRM System GitHub repository for more information on those changes.

Pricing Changes

As if the version 3.0 release wasn’t enough, we have also introduced a few changes to our pricing. We are hoping these changes make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for.

Re-introduced À La Carte Pricing

About two and a half years ago we removed à la carte pricing from our site. The theory was that we would bundle the add-on plugins together at a significant discount versus purchasing them one-by-one. The idea was nobody would want to purchase a single plugin if a bundle package was such a good deal.

This actually worked out quite well for us for a while. We also realized over time that it might be confusing for people who only have a need for one plugin. They wouldn’t be able to buy them without also getting a dozen or more others that they didn’t need.

So as of today, we’ve introduced à la carte pricing. Purchase each plugin individually for a single site, 2-5 sites, or unlimited sites. Prices vary by plugin.

New Pricing Plans

In addition to returning à la carte pricing, we are also changing our bundle pricing plans.

  • Plus ($99/year): Previously our Plus bundle included all of the import add-ons, Contact From User, Email Notifications, and Custom Fields. As mentioned earlier, we merged most of those into the core WP-CRM System plugin. We decided to add something new to this plan to make it worthwhile to purchase. Starting today when you purchase the Plus plan you will get Custom Fields, Client Area, and Invoicing. The Plus plan allows you to install each of these add-ons on one site.
  • Enhanced ($199/year): Enhanced is our new pricing plan. Enhanced will include all current and future add-ons while your license is active. The Enhanced plan allows you to install each plugin on one site, which should be plenty for most businesses.
  • Professional ($249/year): Professional is the same as it always has been. You get access to all available current and future add-ons while your license is active. You can install those plugins on an unlimited number of sites. This is a great option for agencies who may have several clients requiring a CRM. Even just two clients with this plan will save you a significant amount of money versus purchasing multiple Enhanced licenses.

You can check out our full pricing table and plan comparison chart on our pricing page.

How Are We Doing?

We hope that you find value in the new features in WP-CRM System. Hopefully the pricing options will help you to move your business forward. If you have any suggestions, feedback, or just want to say hi, please send us a message.

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