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CRM Best Practices: How to Get the Most of Your CRM System

By Maddy Osman August 21, 2019
crm best practices

A great product or service offering will take your business far. However, research and forecast surveys show that customer service, not product superiority, is the…


Why You Must Integrate Your Business Website with a WordPress CRM

By Maddy Osman May 7, 2019
WordPress CRM - WP-CRM System

Regardless of the specific solution you choose, it’s nearly impossible to run a successful business without a tool to organize your business development efforts, like a WordPress CRM.


WP-CRM System Version 3.0 And New Pricing

By Scott April 26, 2019

Yesterday we released version 3.0 of WP-CRM System. This version is a fairly significant upgrade. It incorporates a few new features that were previously only…


Will Your CRM Be GDPR Compliant?

By Scott April 3, 2018
WP-CRM System GDPR Compliant

There has been a lot of talk about GDPR, or the General Data Protection Regulation, recently. Businesses outside of Europe are scrambling a little because…


Create Tasks From GitHub Issues in WP-CRM System

By Scott February 28, 2018
Connect WP-CRM System to GitHub with Zapier

Allowing users to open issues with your software directly in your GitHub account can be a great asset for improving your software. However, some GitHub…


Connect Google Calendar to WP-CRM System With Zapier Connect

By Scott February 2, 2018
WP-CRM System Plus Google Calendar

Using both Google Calendar and WP-CRM System to optimize your workflow? Now you can allow the Zapier Connect Add-on to connect valuable information for you.


Remote Workers Best Practices

By Scott December 5, 2017
Remote Workers Best Practices

“It’s not always that we need to do more but rather that we need to focus on less.” ― Nathan W. Morris Remote Workers Best…


Do More With Zapier Connect and WP-CRM System

By Scott November 27, 2017
Zapier Connect for WP-CRM System

Over the last few months we’ve started receiving requests from customers to include WP-CRM System integrations with several other third party apps. We were excited…


Update to Gravity Forms Connect Extension 3.2

By Scott October 17, 2017

Landing pages aren’t complete without the ability to send information to your CRM. That’s why we made our Gravity Forms Connect extension powerful enough to…


Plan For Disasters In Your Business: Think Like A Soldier

By Scott September 18, 2017
Plan For Disasters Like A Soldier

Over the last few weeks, the United States was hit by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, both of which caused terrible destruction. After seeing the aftermath of…


MailChimp Sync 3.0 Update

By Scott September 14, 2017

Today we’ve released a long overdue update to our MailChimp Sync extension, which enables multiple lists and custom fields. Multiple Lists If your business has…


Gravity Forms Connect Update

By Scott September 7, 2017

We’re happy to announce an update to the Gravity Forms Connect extension. This update will let users map their form fields to custom fields created…


Small Business Automation

By Scott September 6, 2017
Small Business Automation

As a small business owner or freelancer, one of your most valuable assets is your time. Unfortunately, your time is a limited resource, so it…


Build a Productive Virtual Team

By Scott August 29, 2017
Productive virtual team

Virtual teams are being created in many industries. These teams can be distributed across town, across the country, or even around the world. This presents…


Follow Your Passion: Build a Business on Something You Love

By Scott August 22, 2017
Build a Business on Something You Love

I recently read an article on Entrepreneur.com titled Don’t Follow Your Passion: 4 Reasons Why Making a Business Out of Something You Love Is a…