Gravity Forms Connect Update

We’re happy to announce an update to the Gravity Forms Connect extension.

This update will let users map their form fields to custom fields created in our Custom Fields extension.

To do this:

  • Install and activate the Custom Fields extension.
  • Next, create custom fields by going to the WP-CRM System > Dashboard > Custom Fields tab.
  • After each custom field is created, either create a new form in Gravity Forms or edit an existing form.
  • Click on the form’s Settings tab and select WP-CRM System.
  • If you have not yet created a feed, click the Add New button.
  • Select the appropriate action to create a new record (i.e. create a new contact, organization, etc.)
  • The page will refresh and a series of fields will be displayed.
  • Each field corresponds to a field name in WP-CRM System, including your custom fields.
  • Select a form field for each of the WP-CRM System fields you wish to map to.
    • For example, you can map a contact’s first and last names to the first and last name fields on your form.
    • If you do not want a WP-CRM System field to be populated, simply do not select an option in the Form Field column.
  • Click Update Settings.

Now whenever someone fills out your contact form, WP-CRM System Gravity Forms Connect will create a new record if one does not already exist with the same name. All of your record’s fields, including custom fields, will be mapped to the correct spot in WP-CRM System!


Marketing Team