Easy Digital Downloads Connect Settings

The Easy Digital Downloads Connect extension for WP-CRM System does not require any setup other than installing and activating the plugin.

It does require that you have the latest version of Easy Digital Downloads and WP-CRM System installed and active on your site. Optionally, if you wish to create manual purchases in the admin area you will also need the Manual Purchases extension from Easy Digital Downloads.

Once all of these plugins are installed and active, Easy Digital Downloads Connect will:>

  • Automatically create a new contact in WP-CRM System if a contact with the same name does not already exist.
  • The order history for a contact will be shown in the Contact’s record in WP-CRM System. This is done by looking up orders with the same email address as your WP-CRM System contact. The order status, date, and amount of the order will be shown in the order history.
  • Allow you to quickly create a manual order in Easy Digital Downloads admin section with the Manual Purchases extension. You will not be able to automatically populate your contact’s information into the new order.

Troubleshooting #

Why isn’t a new contact created when an order is placed? #

There is likely already a contact with the same name in WP-CRM System, which is preventing the new contact from being created.

We prevent Easy Digital Downloads orders from updating existing contacts in WP-CRM System. This would essentially allow anyone who can make a purchase on your site to be able to edit your contact’s records.

If you have several customers with the same name, you will need to manually create each contact after the first one is created. Once the correct email address is entered for a contact, their order history should display correctly.

I don’t see the order history / create order section on my contact’s record. #

If you are missing the order history or create order section, scroll to the top of your contact’s record and click the Screen Options menu (at the top right). Make sure there is a check in the box next to Easy Digital Downloads Order History and Easy Digital Downloads Create Order.

The boxes with this information should now be visible along the right side of your contact’s record.

If you see the box heading, but no content, try clicking the arrow button to the right of the heading, as that will expand/collapse the box.

I want to create an order and have it automatically fill my customer’s contact information. #

This is not possible at the moment. We would love to offer this though and will include it as soon as possible.

In the meantime, from your contact’s record, you can click the Create New Order button, which will bring you to Easy Digital Download’s Add New Order admin page. In the select box labeled Customer, you can search for your customer’s name and Easy Digital Downloads will automatically fill the customer’s information in for you. If you do not see your contact’s information in the box, click the Create New Customer link to enter their information into Easy Digital Download’s system.

I need to charge my customer’s credit card when creating a new order, how can I do this? #

You will need to collect payment from your customer through some other system. According to Easy Digital Downloads documentation on Manually Creating Purchases:

“No financial transactions occur with a Manual Purchase. You’re simply making a record of one. You may choose any payment status, a payment gateway, and if a Transaction ID exists you may enter it.”

This is not a limitation of WP-CRM System as we have no control over the abilities of third-party plugins to process payments.