Import Opportunities

You can import opportunities into WP-CRM System using the Import Opportunities option. 

In order to import opportunities successfully, you need to first have a CSV file with your information set up in the correct format. The easiest way to do this is to use a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel, and simply save your data as a CSV. 

Your CSV file should have the first row as a header. This row will not get imported, and actually anything in the first row is ignored by the importer. You should use this row to help you organize the data in some logical format. 

If you have organizations and contacts to import, it is generally better to import them first so they can be properly assigned to the opportunities you are importing.

How to Format Your Opportunity Import #

Columns should be in the following order:

  1. Opportunity name
  2. Opportunity assigned to
  3. Organization/company associated with the opportunity
  4. Contact associated with the opportunity
  5. Opportunity description
  6. Probability of winning
  7. Opportunity close date
  8. Opportunity value
  9. Won/Lost
  10. Category(ies)

Some columns expect to receive certain information, and won’t successfully import anything other than this information. Please read below what information you will need to use. 

The assigned to must match a username on your site. The valid usernames can be found by visiting Users > All Users on your site, and look in the Username column. This should be the same username as what the user logs in with. 

The organization/company must match the ID of an organization that already exists in your WP-CRM. It must only be the ID, which can be found by visiting WP-CRM > Organizations, and clicking on the organization’s name. The ID will be found in the address bar. For example, you might see In this case the ID you will need is 198. 

The contact associated with the opportunity must be a contact in WP-CRM > Contacts. Similar to the organization, the contact should match the ID number of the contact. It can be found in the same manner by visiting WP-CRM > Contacts. 

The probability of winning should only contain one number between 0-100 counting by 5’s (i.e. 0,5,10,15,20, etc.) 

The close date should be a date in almost any format. Be sure to include the full date, excluding commas. (i.e. October 3 2015). If you include a comma, it may indicate the end of the current field and cause your data to import incorrectly. 

The value only needs to contain numbers. No commas, decimal points, or currency symbols are needed although if they are included they will be stripped out before being added to your opportunity. If you have a number such as $123,456.78, the number 12345678 will be imported to the opportunity. You should make sure there are no decimals included in the import. 

The Won/Lost column should only use one of the following words:

  • won
  • lost
  • suspended
  • abandoned

The category column can contain existing categories or it will create new categories if they don’t already exist. To include multiple categories separate each by a comma.

How to Create an Import File #

If you need help creating the import file, please visit this help document.