Recurring Tasks and Projects

WP-CRM System provides you with the ability to create recurring tasks and projects. This is especially useful for example, when you have to do certain tasks every month or need to check something every day for a month.

The following steps outline how to create a recurring entry. Note that the same steps apply for both recurring Tasks and recurring Projects. The only difference is the type of record you create (task or project) when creating your “template” record.

  1. Create a task or project that will server as the template for the future recurring entries
  2. Navigate to WP-CRM System > Dashboard > Settings tab > Recurring Entries
  3. Click Add New Recurring Entry
  4. Select the task from the list that you created as the template for recurring tasks
  5. Enter a date that the tasks should start recurring
  6. Enter a date that it should stop recurring
  7. Select the frequency that the task should recur (every 1 day, every 2 weeks, etc.)

A new task or project will be created automatically using the data entered in the original template.

You can modify the new task or project as needed without affecting any future recurring entries.

If you need to make changes that are reflected in future recurring entries, make the changes to the original template task or project. The next recurring entry that is generated will include your changes.