The wpcrm_system_export_csv_cols_{export-type} filter controls the column headings on exports from WP-CRM System.

The filter name is appended with the export type, which in most cases is the post type slug.

  • Campaigns: wpcrm-campaign
  • Contacts: wpcrm-contact
  • Opportunities: wpcrm-opportunity
  • Organizations: wpcrm-organization
  • Projects: wpcrm-project
  • Tasks: wpcrm-task

So, to change the column headings for contacts, you would use the filter wpcrm_system_export_csv_cols_wpcrm-contact.

The filter takes an array of column headings with the key corresponding to the data that will be in that column, and the value being the column heading that will be displayed in the export.

The array will include all default fields, as well as any custom fields that were set up using the WP-CRM System Custom Fields extension.