Filter: WP-CRM System Custom Fields Title Post-Type

Filter: wpcrm_system_custom_fields_title-[post-type]

This filter lets you change the title in the meta box for your custom fields. By default the box says “Custom Fields” but you may want to change this to something unique for just Contacts or Projects.

This filter is actually six separate filters.

  • wpcrm_system_custom_fields_title-wpcrm-contact
  • wpcrm_system_custom_fields_title-wpcrm-organization
  • wpcrm_system_custom_fields_title-wpcrm-project
  • wpcrm_system_custom_fields_title-wpcrm-task
  • wpcrm_system_custom_fields_title-wpcrm-opportunity
  • wpcrm_system_custom_fields_title-wpcrm-campaign

Use the appropriate filter for the type of record you are looking to modify.

The filter can be used as follows:

add_filter( 'wpcrm_system_custom_fields_title-wpcrm-contact', 'change_contact_custom_field_title' );
function change_contact_custom_field_title( $title ){
    return 'My custom title for contact custom fields';