Extension Plugins Won’t Install

This article is for customers who have attempted to install an extension, but it doesn’t install correctly. On occasion an extension will not fully install because the web server you are hosting your site on runs out of memory before the installation is complete. Fortunately, this can be an easy fix. To correct the memory limit issues you are experiencing, there are two options:

  1. Fix it yourself
  2. Contact your web host

Before You Begin #

If you have already attempted to install an extension, but it doesn’t seem to fully install, you will need to remove all of the plugin’s files from your server.

  • Log into your site by FTP, or use your web host’s file manager if available
  • Navigate to the wp-content/plugins directory
  • Find the wp-crm-system-[extension-name] directory and delete the entire folder

Fix it Yourself #

First, you will need to see what your server’s memory limit is.

  • Log into your site’s WordPress admin dashboard
  • Go to WP-CRM System > Dashboard > Settings tab
  • Click the System Info sub-tab
    • Find the WordPress Memory Limit
    • Find the PHP Memory Limit

Increase WordPress Memory Limit #

If the PHP Memory Limit is greater than the WordPress Memory Limit, you will want to adjust the WordPress Memory Limit to a higher number.

  • Log into your site by FTP, or your web host’s file manager
  • Navigate to your site’s root or main directory
  • Find the file called wp-config.php
  • Open this file to edit it
  • Find a line that looks something like this: define( ‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’40M’ );
  • If that line doesn’t exist, create a new line just above the line that says “Happy Blogging”, and copy the line provided above there
  • Change the ’40M’ to the value of your PHP Memory Limit from the WP-CRM System System Info report
  • Save the file back to your server

Increase PHP Memory Limit #

If the PHP Memory Limit is less than or equal to the WordPress Memory Limit, you will need to adjust the PHP Memory Limit first. The way you do this will vary based on the web host you use, but there are two common methods:

  1. Edit your site’s php.ini file.
    • Find the line that looks like this: memory_limit = 40M; Change the 40M to 256M
  2. Edit your .htaccess file.
    • Add a line that looks like this: php_value memory_limit 256M

Your ability to edit these two files may be restricted by your web host. You may need to consult their documentation or customer support for guidance on how to edit these files. Additionally, your server may need to be restarted before these changes take effect. You will need to then follow the instructions found under Increase WordPress Memory Limit above.

Reinstall #

At this point, your site should be able to install the plugins correctly. Attempt to install them the way you normally would by visiting Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin. Find the plugin extension ZIP file you wish to install and follow the on-screen prompts. Be sure to click Activate after the plugin is installed.

Contact Your Host #

If you are uncomfortable with the do-it-yourself methods described above, or it didn’t work for you, your web host should be able to help increase your site’s memory limit.