Redirect registration to another page

When new users register through the [wpcrm_system_register_form] shortcode, by default they are automatically redirected to your site’s homepage.

This might be fine in many cases, but for some users, it is useful to be able to redirect visitors to a specific page. Perhaps you want to have a confirmation message, a list of next steps for the customer to complete, or even a “what to expect” sort of document.

In version 1.0.10+ of the Client Area add-on, there is a filter wpcrm_system_client_area_registration_redirect that lets you specify any URL to redirect your visitors to.

    add_filter( 'wpcrm_system_client_area_registration_redirect', 'my_url_redirect' );
    function my_url_redirect( $url ){
        $url = '';
        return $url;

Simply copy the code above into your child theme’s functions.php file, or a site-specific plugin, and change the URL variable to the URL you want visitors to be redirected to.