The wpcrm_system_gdpr_delete_request_message filter returns the message that is sent with the GDPR delete request email. GDPR requires that an individual can request to have their data deleted, and this email will provide you with notice of the request.

The filter is passed three variables:

  • $message: the message text that is returned
  • $contact_name: the name of the contact who requested that their data gets deleted
  • $edit_link: the link to edit the contact’s record in WP-CRM System

The default message text reads:

A contact, $contact_name, has requested that their information be deleted from WP-CRM System. Their record has been marked for deletion, but will not be deleted automatically. This enables you to determine whether or not you are required to retain their data, or delete it from any other system your company uses, such as a mailing list. You can review their record in WP-CRM System by copying and pasting the following link into your browser: $edit_link