How to Obtain a Google Maps API Key

We have always included Google Maps in the Organization and Contact records as an easy way to visualize the street address for your contacts. It’s also a great way to quickly be able to get directions, or pull up other nearby businesses without having to do a whole lot of extra typing. Google is starting to require that an API key is used in order to display map data. Our plugin never required users to enter an API key, so in the near future the map data may not display correctly without an API key. To address this, we have added a Google Maps API key field on the WP-CRM System Dashboard. Simply enter your API key here, save your changes, and your maps should continue to display as they always did. If you choose not to enter an API key, you will simply lose the Google Maps box in your CRM records. All other functionality will remain the same.

How to Obtain a Google Maps API Key #

Visit the Google Maps APIs documentation page, and determine if you are a Standard or Premium Plan user. If you have never paid for access to the Google API, then you are probably a Standard user. Scroll down to the appropriate area (Standard or Premium Plan) and click the Get A Key button. In the popup that opens, click the Select or create project menu and select Create a new project. Then click the Create and Enable API link. Copy your API key.  Visit your WP-CRM System Dashboard, paste the API key in the settings field, and click Save Changes. T

hat’s it! Google Maps should continue to work in your Contacts and Organizations.