Predefined Choices Required Inputs

Some fields in WP-CRM System require the end user to input a certain value. To help you create a form in Gravity Forms that will provide your site’s visitors with acceptable values we created several predefined choices you can choose from when setting up your fields. These choices provide you with a list of Labels and Values that can be used on a drop down or radio button type of input.

Accessing Predefined Choices #

When you add a drop down or radio button field to your form, you will have the ability to add choices to the field. Below the list of choices is a button labeled “Bulk Add / Predefined Choices”. Click that button and scroll down towards the bottom of the Predefined Choices list. There you will find six predefined choices set up for WP-CRM System. All will start with the words “WP-CRM System”. 

While technically a multi select or checkbox field will allow you to populate the valid responses in much the same way, they are not recommended for use. Those fields allow a user to select more than one response to a given field, and these fields require exactly one response in order to save to WP-CRM System. 

It is also important that the value passed to WP-CRM System for these fields is formatted correctly. In each of the predefined choices you will find a label and value pair. The label will be to the left of the pipe character |. The value will be to the right of it. The label can be anything, and is what your site visitors will see when they view your form. The value is what WP-CRM System sees and needs to be exactly as it is in the predefined choices.

Predefined Fields in WP-CRM System Gravity Forms #

Name Prefix #

In a contact’s record you can specify the prefix for a person’s name (i.e. Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc.). The value that gets saved to the database needs to be one of a certain number of values such as mr, mrs, or dr.

WP-CRM System Users #

In your WP-CRM System Dashboard, you can select the minimum user role needed to access WP-CRM System records. All users on your site who have at least the minimum user role required to access WP-CRM System records will be listed with their display name as the label and user name as the value. You can change the display name label to whatever you want, so if a user on your site handles all of the incoming sales leads you can change their display name to something like “Sales”.

Priority #

This is a list of low, medium, or high priorities.

Status #

This is a list of possible statuses for a project – not-started, in-progress, complete or on-hold are the valid values.

Won/Lost #

This is a list of statuses for Opportunities – won, lost, suspended and abandoned are the valid values.

Progress #

Progress is shown as a numeric value to display the percent complete. Since this is usually an estimate, we provide possible values in multiples of five (5) between 0-100.

Using Hidden Fields To Save This Data #

Of course you may not always want a form field that a user has to fill out for every one of these options but you still may want the fields to be set when the form is submitted. If you want to set a certain priority, status, etc. for the record being submitted you can use a Hidden field. When using a hidden field, the user submitting the form won’t be able to edit the field, but it’s value will still get passed along to your WP-CRM System record. You can set the Hidden Field’s Label to whatever you want it to say. Make it something descriptive so you can recognize it if you ever update your form. On the Advanced tab, set the Default Value to be one of the values from the fields listed above.