Similar to the wpcrm_system_export_csv_cols_{export-type} filter, the wpcrm_system_export_get_data_{export-type} filter generates the data for the export. You will want to make sure that the columns and data that get exported are in the same order to avoid confusion.

Using this filter will only apply to the export type that is specified at the end of the filter.

The filter name is appended with the export type, which in most cases is the post type slug.

  • Campaigns: wpcrm-campaign
    1. Contacts: wpcrm-contact
    1. Opportunities: wpcrm-opportunity
    1. Organizations: wpcrm-organization
    1. Projects: wpcrm-project
    1. Tasks: wpcrm-task

So, to modify the data that is exported with contacts, you will use the filter wpcrm_system_export_get_data_-contact.