Working With Categories

Categories can help keep your data organized, especially when you’re dealing with a lot of information. WP-CRM System reports will even sort your data by category so you can quickly find what you are looking for.

Adding Categories In A Record #

When creating a new record in WP-CRM System a box usually appears below the ‘Publish’ box. Itl looks similar to: 

You can quickly click +Add New Organization Type to create a new category. Note: “Organization” will be replaced with “Category”, “Project”, etc., so depending on the type of record you are working on you may see something slightly different.

Enter the title you would like to use for the category, and if you already have several categories you can create a parent/child relationship by using the drop-down menu. Once you have entered the category name, click the Add New button and your record will be assigned to that category. In the future, any new records you create can be assigned to the same category by clicking the checkbox next to it. 

Categories in Reports #

In WP-CRM System > Reports, you can click on any of the tabs (Project, Task, Opportunity, Organization, Contact) and find your records organized by category. You can also sort reports based on category by using the “Type” dropdown. All records that are assigned to a category will be listed here. You can quickly go to the details page for an individual record by clicking on its name from the list.