How to Use Zendesk Connect

The Zendesk Connect extension allows your team to see a snapshot of the tickets that were opened in Zendesk by each of your WP-CRM System contacts. This is a great way to see a history of past issues a customer may have had, or allow you to view potential opportunities or projects.

If you haven’t done so already you will want to¬†configure Zendesk Connect¬†so it can communicate with your Zendesk account.

Once the plugin has been configured, you can head over to your contacts. Towards the bottom of each contact’s record you will see a list of tickets that were opened by that contact.

Zendesk Connect for WP-CRM System uses the email address associated with the contact to look up tickets in your Zendesk account. Any tickets opened by a user in Zendesk with the same email address as is entered for the contact will be displayed in this section.

A summary of the tickets opened by this contact will be presented to you in the Zendesk section. If you would like to view more details for a ticket, click the Show/Hide Details link under the ticket to expand the ticket details. This will display the original ticket as submitted by the contact.

Each ticket’s subject line is linked to the actual ticket in Zendesk so if you need more information, or if you want to respond to the ticket you can easily jump right to it.

Next to each ticket is the date it was created, it’s current status, and links to create a new Task, Project, or Opportunity from the current ticket.

Clicking any of the new Task, Project, or Opportunity links will create a new record for you in WP-CRM System. It will use the ticket’s subject as the record’s title, and it will copy the body of the ticket into the Task, Project, or Opportunity description for you. It will also automatically assign the record to the contact who originally opened the ticket. You can always change this at a later time if necessary.