Invoicing Settings

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The Invoicing extension for WP-CRM System is fairly straightforward to use. To make it even easier to use, we have added a few default settings that can be configured. Each of these settings can be modified on individual invoices, but if you find yourself using a standard tax rate, for example, it can be set once and never touched again.

To access the settings for WP-CRM System Invoicing, navigate to WP-CRM System  > Settings > Invoicing tab.

Invoicing Settings #

Most default settings can be overridden on each invoice on a case-by-case basis. These settings cover the standard, or default options you may wish to set.

  • Invoice Prefix: Invoice numbers are automatically generated based on the Post ID of the current invoice. You can specify a prefix to add to your invoice number if you choose to do so. Any invoices created after changing this setting will have the prefix added to the invoice number.
    • Example: An invoice number without a prefix would be 1234. An invoice number with the prefix of “INV-” would be INV-1234.
  • Default Tax Rate: Your company may be required to charge taxes on the services you provide. If this is a standard rate for all services, you can pre-set the rate in your settings by entering the rate as a decimal.
    • Example: A 6% tax rate would be entered as .06.
  • Default Payment Terms: You may give your clients as little or as much time to pay your invoices as you’d like. In this field you can set the default number of days that you will give your clients to pay your invoice.
    • Example: If you want to give clients 30 days to pay your invoices you would enter 30 here.
  • Default Terms and Conditions: If you have a standard terms and conditions for your invoices, you can enter them here. They will automatically be populated on each invoice.
    • Example: “Thank you for your business! Payment is due within 30 days of receipt. If payment is not received within 30 days, a late payment fee of 5% will be applied”
  • Stripe Publishable Key, Secret Key, Image: Please see this document for more information on configuring Stripe with WP-CRM System Invoicing.
  • Alternate Payment Option: If you wish to indicate how a customer should pay the invoice, you can enter a standard instructions here. This can be used to indicate a mailing address to send a check, or if you prefer you could provide bank information for wire transfers.
    • Example: “Please send all checks made payable to Acme Co. 123 Main St. Anytown, CA 90215”.
  • Email Subject: If you want WP-CRM System to email your clients a notice to pay your invoice, you can set the default subject here.
    • Example: “You have a new invoice from Acme Co.”
  • Email From Address:You can specify the email address that invoice notices sent to your clients originates from. Many email hosts require that the domain name of the email address used here match the domain name of the site the message originates from. Addresses that do not match the domain may get flagged as spam by your customers and may not make it to their inbox.
    • Good Example: (assuming the domain your WP-CRM System is on is
    • Possibly Bad Example:
  • Email Message: You can specify an email message that can be sent to your customers with directions on how they can view your invoice and make payment. This field comes with placeholder text for the invoice number {INV} and the URL to the invoice {URL}.
  • Business Logo: If you would like your company’s logo to appear on your invoice, enter the URL to your logo here.
  • Business Name: This is how you would like your business name to appear on your invoices.
  • Business Address: If you would like your business address to appear on your invoices, enter it here.
  • Business Phone: If you would like your business phone number to appear on your invoices, enter it here.
  • Business Email: If you would like your business email address (i.e. to appear on your invoices, enter it here.
  • Business URL: If you would like a link to your company’s website to appear on your invoice, enter it here.